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am sure you can easily recall the movie – “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” starring Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol and Farhan Akhtar after reading the title. Though I am not writing about the movie but that’s certainly an inspiration to live a better life, an entertaining life and successful life. Why I am calling it successful life… hmmm…. because we live it.

Unlike the conventional routine, they chose to enjoy their life and do something they had never done before. They explored new places, new culture, new surroundings moving out of their conventional routine. Likewise, I recently met a restaurant owner who carried this poster behind his billing counter. Upon appreciating, he shared that he follows his heart and loves to take risks in life due to which he succeeded exponentially in past 10 years.

He used to clean dishes in a small ‘dhaba’ and aspired to be a waiter so that he could earn tips from customers and thereby increase his income. He continued serving for two years to become waiter. Apart from his regular routine of serving customers during lunch and dinner, he innovated the idea to move out of dhaba and serve nearby office professionals. He used to visit the offices with his pamphlets asking for order in the lean time and increased the revenues of his dhaba. The dhaba owner was happy with his work and raised him to managerial position (I would call so) to handle the billing counter and stock area.

He supervised the staff and took complete care of that dhaba but his aspirations grew and he discontinued his services to that dhaba owner. With a decent job in dhaba, he chose to start his own tea stall with the little money he owned. The only thing he knew was to prepare tea and serve customers. He believed that customer is God and he used to treat them like God – giving extra service customised to customer’s needs (be it time of delivery, packaging, sugar & milk content, etc). With such kind of care he won hearts of his customers and added some products (sandwiches, patties, soft drinks) to his stall and served with the same zeal.

He started earning more amount from same customers by adding products. Though he had no clue about new products but he took a chance to try something new in his tea stall. Further, he gained confidence and started a dhaba that turned out to be successful. The story did not end there, he continued serving his customers for five long years before he could open his restaurant. He invested all he had and took the biggest risk in his life. I asked him why did he do this? Betting all money is not easy. To which he replied – I brought nothing, I will go without anything & smiled. That’s so true. We keep craving for our possessions while knowing that we won’t carry anything with us. And with that attachment, we don’t take any risk. However, In the sixth year, he also built a house in that area that astonished everyone. How come a dhaba owner own a house in good locality?

And I am asking, how come a dish washer own a house in good locality? It’s because of the zeal and ambition to grow in life. That dishwasher is now owner of three restaurants with a sitting capacity of 50-75 people per location. It might not be a very fascinating achievement but it’s certainly an exponential growth from being dishwasher to owner of three big restaurants. It’s a true success that shows one’s growth by taking risks in life.

We all have some special talent that we might never use and gonna bury it after we pass away. The talent would remain with us, hidden and unexplored. Even if we fail, there is no problem but we should take a chance and explore that talent to show the world what we are…