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I was just hovering around in the market, looking around to buy an ordinary pen but got chance to see such a beautiful thought as the cover page of a student’s register. Though it was meant to be used by students but I felt that the thought written on it is required more by professionals than students.


Without any second thought, I bought the bulky register and started using as my professional diary, carrying a big book everywhere. This gives me happiness, reminds me to be happy all the time whatever the situation is…

Since the time I bought this register, I can acknowledge my professional friend’s ideas to remain happy at workplace. He is an amazing man who always stays happy under all circumstances and I have seen him smiling in the situations where the strongest may cry. Sharing his thoughts with you all.

  1. Choose to be happy – You don’t have to look for situations that make you happy but you have to just choose to be happy all the time.
  2. Take responsibility – It is normally seen that people want to be ordered and in that process, they become gullible who just look for instructions from others. Instead of taking initiative, they opt to get directed by others and when they miss it, they become inactive. Finally, they hamper their own growth and complain against others. It is better to ask for work than being directed for it by someone else. You must take responsible steps to communicate with your seniors and subordinates asking for right amount of work challenging your capabilities.
  3. Celebrate the moment – It is quite normal to expect celebrations at workplace during festivals, birthdays, quarter ends but one rarely finds so. Organisations have their own plans to celebrate the occasions which could be different from yours. So, you should not be missing out the opportunities to celebrate. The moment you feel it’s worthy to celebrate, just do it without waiting for your boss to do for you.
  4. Boost your mood – We think we should play or entertain to boost our mood but trust me if you do the following, you will have your mood uplifted all the time. Whenever you reach workplace, just make a to do list for the day and mention the expected time to complete each task. If you get free time, reserve it for learning (though should be compulsory in your regular routine). In case, you are occupied for the day, that’s even better. You won’t be wasting time in non-productive activities. Do it for a week and check your performance levels rising higher.
  5. Make friends – I will share a simple testimony received by my cousin when he joined a new organisation: “Hey, we have started talking to cross functional teams after you have joined us”. He takes initiative to connect with strangers instantly & turning them into good friends. Upon asking, how does he do it, he simply answers – “People are alike, more alike than they are different”. So true !

If we go by the natural laws, everyone is same globally than being different and loves to connect with others but the only hurdle is taking initiative. You must walk up to the new person and introduce yourself with a smile. There is no possibility that the he/she will not answer you. Develop the relationship and make a new friend every week.

Being happy is again a choice ! The more you feel happy, the more you succeed… Start being happy now !