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So many people in this world undergo so much stress out of their jobs, careers, finances. These are the normal challenges that you face if you live in this world. But at the deeper level you need to see that you have two sides of a coin. Good people can make bad decisions and the harmful people can sometimes be generous to others. But if you change those bad decisions, you can change your life.

People often say it took me 20 years to change my life – they lie. You can change your life in a moment when the truth is clear in your mind, the moment you are clear about what’s really important to you and the moment you actually act on it.

If you ask Indian youth growing up – “what do you want to do in life”, the answer will be software engineering. Because in India the number one thing to do is to become successful by educating oneself, further feeding the family and parents. But in reality, it has to be very different. The answer should be to BE BETTER EVERY DAY.

Today, you can be rich, famous, powerful and everything but you need to be better every day. There is fierce competition and it is growing at a faster rate than before. As the technology is changing, the knowledge is getting disseminated, the tools being developed, it is easy to get defeated by the new generation. They do things much faster and can defeat the experience with their skills in no time. So, whom are you competing with and whom will you win?

It is important to stay calm and be competitive. You could have done the best in the past but today you need to upgrade your skills. Your talent could be one in a million but now it is one among millions. You can’t kill the competition but you can always improve yourself day by day. Imagine improving by just 1% everyday and you can improve by 37 times in a year. That’s not doubling your performance, not tripling it, it’s 37 times (3700% overall). Check the formula (1 + 1%) ^ 365. All you need to do is improve yourself by just 1% a day. e.g. If you can do 100 push ups, do 101, then 1% growth every day. If you can type 30 words in a minute, increase your speed by just 1% and you will have marvellous typing speed on the same date in next year.

I know it’s easy to calculate on excel but difficult to follow but it’s at least achievable. We always write our goals and take no action for the reason that we don’t know the path to accomplish them. We, at times, can’t plan the right strategy to achieve our goals. But this 1% formula can help us grow day by day. It hardly matters where you reach by end of 365 days but the growth is obvious.

Talk to a sportsman and he will tell you how he developed his strength day by day. It is never built in a day and needs consistent efforts & improvement.

Be Better Today !