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Mohit Thukral

Performance Coach I Fitness Expert

Helping you unleash your full potential

Hi, I’m Mohit Thukral !

I would love to help you gain physical fitness and mind strength to reach the acme of success

My Story

I was a reserved child who would barely talk to people and miss the parties in his childhood but being collegiate turned me into a confident and mature boy who loved public speaking and his audience. 

The real transformation took place after I broke my mental barriers by running my first marathon in 2013 and kept continuing to run 21 kms and 42 kms for years. It taught me lessons of life and prepared to withstand the most difficult challenges of life.

Today, I am an acclaimed personality and won various awards like Youth Achiever, Guest of Honour, Chief Guest, Life Runner, etc by numerous media.

My Values & Beliefs

Health First

As the saying goes – “Health is Wealth”, I believe in keeping my body fit and mind healthy that gives me energy to live with joy & happiness.


Being ethical and transparent is my core value even if it has to come at any price. I believe in truthfulness towards self and others.


There is no life without creativity. Travelling a new road, following a new strategy and meeting a new person is always exciting. Just add a flavour of your creativity to life !

My Approach

I no longer believe in sit & eat theory and drench myself everyday with sweat & pain. Since I chose to be a Performace Coach, my life is dedicated to keep myself fit and filled with wisdom. 

I follow a simple philosophy of life – Teach What You Preach, and everything I speak is well tested and tasted for success.

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